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Congrats on the shiny Snivy, TheShinyEevee! That was a long hunt.

I'm sorry to hear about the shiny Electrode, HaloSonic. The first shiny I ever encountered was a Geodude that Selfdestructed, so I know the feeling.

I've decided to hatch Druddigon and Marill for the monthly contest. I will suspend my Sandile hunt when I reach 200 (currently at 168), and skip Riolu. Several months ago I bred a Marill with Aqua Jet and a Totodile with Ice Punch and Aqua Jet on SoulSilver and transferred them over to White with the plan to MM them someday. I'm finally getting around to Marill, and I'll probably spend some time MMing Totodile too. I plan on breeding Fire Fang and Sucker Punch on Druddigon.
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