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    Name: Tenebrosus ‘Tesus’ Folium (Real Name: Marcus Folium)

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Pokemon Species: Grovyle

    Job Title: Knights of the Oran

    Appearance: Tesus’ appearance is far more different than other Grovyles and their rare shiny cousins. First of all, no Grovyle in the world was born with very different colors: black like darkness reptilian skin and crimson, almost like blood, red leaves. Where his belly should have been red, there was only a gray stone like plain color. The line on his belly is the same color as his limbs and back: black.

    Secondly, Tesus has lots of scars on his body. Because of his quite harsh past, Tesus developed series of cuts on his back, and a long scar goes from the top of his lips across his right eye, which wasn’t harmed at all. But his scars are covered from the sight of others, thanks to his outfit: a silver knight helmet, specially designed for pokemon with muzzles, a full silver chest plate with a small picture of the ‘God Pokemon’ Arceus and a symbol of the Knights of the Oran, the Oran Berry, is engraved on both left and right sides respectively; armguards and leggings, both also made of silver, and leather gloves. When Tesus is wearing his armor, the only part of his body visible is his elbows, knees and his red eyes.

    And the last of all, Tesus, unlike other knights, has a small cloth with multiple flower designs hidden inside his helmet, but Tesus usually wraps the cloth around his neck behind the dense and strong armor. This cloth Tesus found when he was walking in the forest, taking a walk for a secret break. He still keeps and uses it for multiple reasons, most of the time it is to wipe the sweat from his head whenever the work is hard or the climate is hot. So far, nobody has seen it, and Tesus is aware that if the cloth is discovered, he might get into trouble.

    Personality: Tesus was grown in a very strict family, which influenced his character a bit. Tesus is obedient, listening to the knights with higher ranking attentively. Tesus is also very determined, so he always concentrates on one and only goal if given and rejects other tasks, unless it’s REALLY urgent.

    Tesus’ interaction with others can be random. Strangers usually avoid Tesus whenever he’s without his armor. His intimidating appearance makes some of the babies cry. But other knights know him as a different pokemon. It is true that Tesus can be quiet, but he is also gentle and caring. Tesus is known for rushing to help, both when necessary or unnecessary. He believes words can be a better solution than fists. Of course he doesn’t like Mechanists, but sometimes he questions the war itself. He believes there is a different way to fix this, even though he didn’t find it yet. And he is still looking for it.

    Tesus, when in conversation, is friendly and willing to help. But he is still inexperienced because of his late entry to the Knight’s court, becoming a Knight only at the age of 17. He still can be found making mistakes and asking ‘seniors’ questions. At the same time, Tesus can be rude, occasionally using insults if not in the mood. That, meanwhile, rarely happens.

    History: Tesus was born as a third son in the Folium family, consisting of pokemon of the Treecko family. His dad, a Sceptile, is a retired knight due to heavy injuries and a crippled arm despite the young age. His mom is a medic, who specializes in berries and their whereabouts. Tesus also has 3 siblings: 2 older brother and sister, 1 younger brother.

    Tesus was the most hyper-energetic from the quartet as a Treecko. He got in trouble lots of time for disturbing the slumber of the retired knights and ruining private lessons for those who were training to become one. Being a blabbermouth, once he got in trouble for declaring he wanted to be a Mechanist because their weapons looked cool. But he didn’t know something about the Mechanists, which later he was told about. And this incident concerned his father and his fallen comrades.

    Tesus was sent to training at the age of 6, when actually his siblings went earlier. Even his younger brother, who was 2 years born later than Tesus himself, went to training at the same year as him. But this time Tesus was determined to become a Knight, not a Mechanist. He was told about the incident.

    A year after Tesus’ birth, Craig Folium, Tesus’ dad, participated in one of the most violent and horrible battles between the Declarum Forces and the Knights of the Oran. He was there in the battlefield with his best friend, Red the Scizor, and his brother, Dave. But he didn’t know that Mechanists were very cruel. Craig didn’t know they didn’t use their physical strength. They cheated. Craig and his comrades were at the front, fighting with all their might. The Declarum soldiers fell one by one at their attacks. But suddenly, a soldier appeared with a long red tube that Craig didn’t know was a Flamethrower. A ball of fire erupted from the tube, which collided with Dave’s blood drought armor. The fire went through the steel, and soon Dave himself was on fire, being torched alive. Next was Red, who also met the same fate as Dave. Craig could only blink at whatever happened instantly. He couldn’t move. There was a cry of retreat in the back, but Craig couldn’t hear it. The soldier aimed the tube at Craig and shot the deadly element. Craig only blinked. But, miraculously, the burning figure of Red swiftly approached Craig and, grabbing his arm, threw him away from harm. Red was still alive, but burning. Craig wanted to help him, but at the same time he didn’t want to die. Craig just stood up and retreated with Agility as fast as possible, not turning back at the dying figure of his friend. Talk about doing something good at the urge of dying.

    Tesus listened to his dad’s story and was determined to destroy Mechanists. His dad didn’t deserve to lose his job and become a pokemon without an arm (his arm was seriously burnt when he was grabbed by Red and had to be cut). Tesus trained hard, learned everything about the Knight’s code. He wanted to fight those ‘cheaters’ and avenge his father. Tesus looked up to become a Knight as noble as his dad and Maverick, one of the council members, who was also a pokemon of the Treecko family.

    Tesus learned lots of battle techniques from different Knights. Most he learned from his dad, especially how to affectively use Agility in critical situations and in battle. Craig, even without his right arm, was still good at battling. Tesus spent most of his times sparring or reading huge tomes about Knights and their code. Being the odd and strange-colored one, he spent most of his time alone, isolated from others. He was depressed, bored, and not eager to play at all. He was teased, insulted, even beaten up by some of the trainees. That was when he changed his name from Marcus to Tenebrosus or Tesus, which meant ‘Darkness’, and to him: ‘Despair’. But the only pokemon to surround him, encourage him was his siblings, especially his sister Tetra. Thanks to their support Tesus was able to continue his long journey to becoming a Knight. And he did so in the end.

    At the age of 17, Tesus, after a long period of training and battling, was finally accepted to join the ranks of the Knights of the Oran. Tesus is still hungry of revenge, but his enthusiasm decreased. Tesus was ordered to do many tasks, most of them were scouting or patrolling. But Tesus wanted something more than just running around. He wanted to infiltrate the Enclaves. He wanted to be in live action. He volunteered to become a spy, to ‘cheat’, just like they did. But his application was declined, and Tesus had to bear the urge to defy and beat up the members of the council. Since then, Tesus had a small flame of defiance kept inside him, a small flame of hatred towards the council, except Maverick.

    Tesus has been a Knight for a short time. So far, he participated in only one small skirmish, where he managed to defeat only one soldier, but was knocked out unconscious. Tesus is secretly training to become stronger. He does physical training every night to improve his battle techniques, which is why Tesus is always sleepy and depressed. But he doesn’t know that soon, he would need to prove his usefulness.

    Moveset: Pursuit, Leaf Blade, Agility, Energy Ball

    I hope it's okay. Again, using one of my previous characters, but with a totally different history.
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