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    Originally Posted by AlexTheRose View Post
    That titlescreen image is killer, though the alpha channel applied in the text has to go (unless you're willing to reprogram the GBA assembly, which I doubt).

    I don't have the graphics skill for alternatively-located images in the TS, so I don't think I'd be suited for inputting it, to be honest.

    What Tubby31 said is absolutely true in my opinion: As hopeless as this hack would seem, the goal has to be met regardless. I was asked by you to assist in that, and I've fully decided to be part of the project – It's fun, rather ;.

    Keep up the good work, chap.

    The title screen is already waiting to be inserted. No need to be troubled with that.

    Thank you! I appreciate your efforts.

    Anyway, I started to make the Battle Sprite(Back) of the Female player..

    (Still a work in progress.)

    2nd attempt. (V2)

    Yep. So I think I'll go with this one.. Thoughts?


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