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    Kat sighed as Kilik said what his Spirit was a Lucario. (I fought one before. First lost I had as an Umbreon. Fighting Types are strong against us. Be careful not to angry him.) Kat nodded.

    "It's not what you have that makes you human or not. It's what you do & how you feel that makes you human." Kat barked out a laugh. She shook her head and grinned. "Then you might be human. I am not human anymore. Ever since Candlelight, I stopped being human I guess." Kat sadly smiled. She still missed her 'Mom' at times.

    "We're wasting time." Kilik walked past Kat. Kat moved out of his way so he did not touch her. He was heading into the city of Eterna City. Kat rushed after him and walked at his side.
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