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My all time favorite Pokemon is Jellicent. I love both of the designs for both genders, but the female stole the thunder, for me. The massive amount of HP, the great Special defense, I love it. Plus they look like royalty with their little crowns. idk how I even got to fall in love with it. I honestly used to HATE the female's design. I thought it looked so stupid. But one of my friends from another site and I used to use it as an insult. "Omg ur so ugly like a female Jellicent", and after that, I began to like it as a joke, and then I genuinely fell in love with it. My love for Jellicent also made me fall in love with every other pink Pokemon in the game. Legit. Now I'm in love with pink. Anyway.

List of favorite Pokemon of each type:

Normal: Happiny. Oh God, so cute, so little, cute cry, and the anime Happiny on Brock's team sold it. Strength + super adorable baby Pokemon = uber kawaii desu. (...ew)

Fire: Simisear. Talk about a playah. Got that face that says, "I'm so pretty", the hands that say, "Kiss my rings", and that little fur shaped like a bolero for extra fancy. Yes indeed.

Fighting: Mienshao. Mr. Miyagi meets Pokemon. Regenerator, Hi Jump Kick, Drain Punch, Swords Dance, U-turn, etc. Awesome. Just awesome.

Water: Gyarados. Gyarados used to be my favorite Pokemon of all time until just recently. It's still up there, JUST below Jellicent. Ferocious, pretty, and epic.

Flying: Archeops. Talk about beast mode. Grandad to all bird Pokemon, and it can still kick their butts with two wings tied behind it's back (especially since it runs better than it flies).

Grass: Whimsicott. So overly cute, and it's Prankster ability makes it even more adorable and trollable. It has awesome moves to abuse Prankster, and is cute enough to abuse my heart. <3

Poison: Trubbish. Look at those buck teeth. Adorable. :B

Electric: Eelektross. He's such a bro. Is he a dragon? Is he an eel? Is he a snake? He doesn't care. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, cuz he's owning errybody up in here.

Ground: Hrmm. Torterra. Being an island with feet is pretty awesome. Need some shade? Lay on top of a Torterra.

Psychic: Munna. Look at all those flowers and stuff. It's so cute. Always so happy to see people sleepy so it can chew up their dreams.

Rock: NOSEPASS. ;A; He's so gosh darn cute. Always hold his head, point towards the north so I never get lost. Thank you Nosepass. <3

Ice: Vannilish. It's such a cute single scoop Pokemon. <3 It's little icicle hands waving at me all the time and it's happy, happy smile. <3

Bug: Volcarona. That fur, is just so amazing. <3 Its typing I love, its design I love, its existence makes me happy. I love it. <3

Dragon: Palkia. I never understood how it looks like something that's rated PG-13. Like, at all. I think it's pretty, it's beastly, it can Focus Punch your granny like a bro, and IT CONTROLS SPACE. LIKE, DANG.

Ghost: Mismagius. Talk about a pretty Pokemon. Plus it's being all fancy with its little sun hat for a garden party. <3

Dark: Weavile. Weavile is so sneaky, it's ridiculous. He's the trolling ninja of the Pokemon world.

Steel: Metagross. Such a bro, such a playah, and so cute. <3 Yes, cute. CUTE. Plus, it's smarter than a supercomputer. WHAT UP NOW?