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    Echo stared at the boy and girl in front of him. Looking at them in the eerie silence he guessed they were humans with Pokespirits. He didn’t move as he looked at them deciding what to do. He could attack them, but it was two against him. He should be able to overpower one of them alone, but two was too risky in his current state. ‘I will only fight if they attack,’ thought Echo as he turned and looked at the large lifeless tree about 10 feet from the path. He could feel his body getting a little tense as he waited for the two to attack him. The darkness around Echo destabilized and there was a slightly visible change in the air around him. Also his hair and his robe began to move a little like there was a slight breeze despite the fact there was no wind blowing at this time.

    Echo had heard the male’s questions but was not sure how to respond at first. Instead he just stood there silently for several minutes as if he was ignoring the pair as he stared at the tree. He then glanced back at them and said in a strange voice, “I need nothing you can give me willingly.” His voice barely had any humanity to it. It sounded like a whisper to their ears, but it seemed to be coming from all around them instead of from the dark figure’s mouth. It was almost as if he was all around them whispering into both of their ears at once.

    After a pause Echo spoke once again, “What do you desire?”
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