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    Originally Posted by FSChris View Post
    I am fine lol and the mapping is not awful, i use both hgss and bw tiles. so, everything works. and i credited the proper people.
    First of all, the mapping is awful.
    First of all the mapping is square and boring, make it more loose and natural, and fill it with more decorations, like flowers and trees.

    Second, because you use both hgss and bw doesn't make it work, infact it makes it worse. Stick to one style, it makes the game seem more legit, and the more legit, the more people'll enjoy the game.

    As for your features, they ain't that exciting, they seem like what ever over fan game would have.

    As for the story, it seems too generic, yet to little detail at the same time.

    Also too much




    this ... No need for it to be honest.