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    Originally Posted by FSChris View Post
    I am fine lol and the mapping is not awful, i use both hgss and bw tiles. so, everything works. and i credited the proper people.
    You're going to have to listen to the people of the forum at some point, as they are, after all the people who will be playing this game. The mapping does look, quite frankly awful, the map is too open, far too large of a space between buildings, and seems really empty. Take an example of one of my maps for instance. (see spoiler below)

    It's not too empty, all the space is filled up in a not too blocky way, but more natural letting the land flow. A lot of people would look at the maps of your project and just think it's going to be a horrible game, and will pretty much just move along to another game. You need to really try work on your mapping skills. You also haven't credited the right people for the tiles either. Crazyninjaguy only compiled them, rest of the work was done by other people who made those tiles. Coming onto the next thing, it seems far too early for you to be asking for a scriptor to join your team considering the skill level at the moment. I'd consider to try work out your skills for a while, get use to the feel of mapping and making a game. Then once you have some progress, to ask for other team members. Other than that, good luck on your project.