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    Not again, right?

    Ok, first of all, you are using my textbox. Since it is transparant on the screenshots you've posted, I know you have decrypted the archive of my fangame and stole it. You didn't even credit me. The excuse "I didn't know it was yours" isn't going to work, all graphics (aside from the pixel-art) are mine.

    Also, strange that the BW Overworld sprites you're using are the exact same as the ones in my "Ultimate BW Pack". I clearly asked everybody that uses it to credit the people I listed. Guess what, you didn't.

    Oh, and I think your statement here is pretty funny:
    Originally Posted by FSChris View Post
    I am fine lol and the mapping is not awful, i use both hgss and bw tiles. so, everything works. and i credited the proper people.
    Don't think that because I don't post that much here I won't see you stole my stuff. I browse the forum alot.