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    Normal- Zigzagoon. The fact that it can learn Surf just pisses me off.
    Fighting- Machop. It seems like everybody has one and it sucks.
    Flying- Farfetch'd. I don't see how anybody likes that thing. No evolve form.
    Grass- Bellsprout. Quit using SLEEP POWDER!
    Bug- Metapod.. Always harden...
    Poison- Kakuna... Always harden...
    Fire- Slugma.. It's a freakin slug. It is terrible at attack and even worse at defense.
    Water- Magikarp obviously
    Ice- Jynx. In the shows, that pokemon always pissed me off.
    Electric- Magnemite. Thunderwave.....
    Psychic- Abra. Only teleports.
    Dark- Poocheyena. Not very good and when they know initimidate it takes so long to use it..
    Rock-Gastly. Has like 30 hp. haha
    Ground- Trapinch. For the simple reason that it sucks and takes so long to make it Flygon
    Dragon- Dratini for the same reason as Trapinch.
    Steel- Beldum for the same reason as Trapinch and Dratini
    Legendary- Gonna have to go with... Mewtwo. I've never caught one or anything, but on Super Smash Bros it sucks.. So i don't like him.
    ^Pwease Level up my Cyndaquil C:^