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Originally Posted by Ho-oh 112 View Post
Well, this is great as a starter but, for some better scripts you should atleast let people "compile" items/pokemon/eggs without needing pre-defined passwords(a password generator)
That's a really good idea and i think it is possible. First you need a key so no one will able to fake it:
$SecretKey = "some crazy text"
Encrypt method will be something like this:
def Encrypt(pokemon,switch)
   return  Zlib::Inflate.inflate(Zlib::Inflate.inflate(pokemon+"|"+switch)+$SecretKey)
And Decrypt mothod
def Decrypt(pass)
  arg = (Zlib::Deflate.deflate(Zlib::Deflate.deflate(pass).gsub($SecretKey, ""))).split("|")
  @pokemon = arg[0]
  @switch = arg[1]
  #Do something
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