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“Wuahahaha! You’ve got guts. Sounds like something interesting’ll be happening around you soon~ I’ll tag along with you for now. I’m Al’.”

I was surprised to hear someone say that i have guts. I smiled at Al happily. He pretended to tip an invisible hat to me, this guy was pretty cool. I am happy that i can travel with someone and i dont have to be the old lonely kid i used to be.

“Question iiiis… exactly what adults are you gonna go pick a fight with? Just waltzing into Eternia might not be the best of ideas~”

Why would we dance into Eterna City? I am not a very good dancer but why would we dance into a city anyway? I thought about the adults we can fight against. We were obviously more powerful than all of the adults combined. We can practically use them as practice dummies.

"Well, I dont really know how to waltz so we cant waltz into Eterna anyway," I explained, " But theoretically we can take on any adult we want. As long as they dont have those metal things that shoot metal pellets when they pull the button. Those things are deadly. Oh by the way, my name is Reggie"

As I explained my thoughts I heard a shy voice come from behind me. It scared me a little bit and i turned around quickly.

" Umm do you mind if I go with you " Another kid asked. I couldnt believe that i saw two people in the same day! I never see people in this forest.

"Sure, you can come with us as long as I know that you can handle fighting people." I challenged.
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