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Continuing to float about at random, slightly higher, slightly lower and slowly turning around himself, he kept his piercing gaze on the boy in front of him, raising his brows a little as he spoke again.

"Well, I dont really know how to waltz so we cant waltz into Eterna anyway”

This caused Al’ to stop mid-turn, now hanging upside down while staring at the boy who’d now introduced himself as Reggie rather blankly. He then burst out into laughter, tossing his head backwards, which caused him to spin around and make him sit up straight, still in the air.

“Gwuahahahaha! You’ve got humor! I like that! Not a lot of people these times can say that for themselves.”

He spun around, chuckling the rest of the laughter off, wiping an invisible tear away from the corner of his eye.

“Heeheehee~ ‘S nice to meet ya’ Reg’, though I gotta say, we need something more tangible than just ‘Let’s beat up some adults’. We’ve gotta find some that are isolated and take ‘em down without anyone else nearby running up and stopping us, you know?”

At this point in time, another boy had appeared and walked up to the two, causing Al’ to quirk his brows, shifting a little around to face him, legs still crossed while floating in mid-air.

“Yeah, what Reg’ said. We ain’t gonna be your babysitters if that’s what you’re thinking.”

He said this with a teasing grin, lifting a hand to brush through the jutting hair on the back of his head.

What do you make of these two, Fog? Think we should follow them despite them seeming to not have any kind of plan at all? They seem a little… lost, to me.

“Nyahaha~ I think we should follow them, and get a meal or two out of it. For now, at least! I mean, we never promised we’d stick around forever… but this Reggie kid seems to be able to pull of sooome kind of show, at least~”

Al’ nodded thoughtfully, the grin on his face disappearing a little without him noticing it.
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