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    Name: Alexander Maximillian

    Age: 35

    Gender: Male

    Pokemon Species: Aggron

    Newborn or Entrenched Mechanists: Entrenched Mechanist

    Job Title: Field Technician

    Appearance: Standing at 6'11" and weighing 793 pounds, Alexander is by all means your normal, everyday Aggron. Well... Except for one thing. His tail is not the tail he was born with. Due to an unfortunate battle with the Knights of Oran, Alexander lost his original tail. Thanks to the technology recovered by the Declarum forces, however, the medics were able to give him a new tail. This tail is completely covered in a platinum-titanium mixture, with the very end fixed to a sharp point. The inside is a mix of Alexander's original tail and machinery, allowing Alexander to use it as he would normally.

    Now, as a member of the Declarum Forces, one would probably expect Alexander to be armed to the teeth with weapons and other tech... They would be right. Alexander carries three different guns with him at all times, as well as some Tear Gas Pellets. The pellets are attached to a velcro band wrapped around his left shoulder. The guns he uses are the Boom Stick (his personal favorite), the Shock Gun, and the Water Gun. Thanks to his experience with the technology, Alexander has heavily modified the guns to the point where they are simply cannons. While this means they use up ammo quickly, they sure do pack a punch to the point where they are as strong as some Pokemon moves. (For example, Alexander's Shock Cannon is as strong as the Thunder attack. Unfortunately, it can only be used three times, as with the other cannons.) The cannons are strapped on his back when not in use, and Alexander (thanks to being an Aggron) can dual-wield them when he needs to. That only happens in situations that require it though. Besides these weapons, Alexander has a portable radio, watch, some flares, and a set of binoculars, all of which are carried in a satchel hanging from his right shoulder.

    Boom Cannon: This is Alexander's favorite weapon and his go-to when things get hairy. The power of this weapon is comparable to that of the move Double-Edge. Limited to three shots.
    Shock Cannon: A weapon that has been modified to suit Alexander's tastes, this shoots a long lightning bolt that is destructive to anything over than Grass- or Ground-type Pokemon. Power is comparable to Thunder. Limited to three shots.
    Water Cannon: An extremely powerful Water Gun that can fire a jet of water with the same force as Hydro Pump. Limited to three shots.
    (Note: Remember, Alexander is able to dual-wield any two of these weapons if he decides the situation calls for it. Also, each of the cannons has a huge recoil when fired, causing some Pokemon to either be blown back or knocked out. Only Pokemon with a size similiar to an Aggron can use these weapons without getting seriously hurt.)

    Shock Cannon = Thunder, Base Power of 120, Causes HUGE recoil, 3 shots

    Water Cannon = Hydro Pump, Base Power of 120, Causes HUGE recoil, 3 shots

    Boom Cannon = Double-Edge, Base Power of 120, Causes HUGE recoil, 3 shots

    Personality: Alexander is an all-around patriot, believing in all of the things that make the Declarum Forces great. He always strives to make his home even better. He is very loyal to those he calls friends, and has a set group of morals comparable to the Knights of Oran. In fact, he outspokenly says that he follows their fourth rule: A Knight must show compassion, bravery, honesty, empathy, chivalry, and mercy to all but their enemies. However, that is the only rule he follows. He is strictly opposed to any form of oppression, explaining why he is against the Council. He can be a bit stuck in the past, often remembering certain moments in his many past battles. He is also seen to strive for perfect balance, as he worships Arceus, Reshiram, and Zekrom.

    Thanks to time, Alexander has learned to control the temper that most Aggrons are associated with. Unfortunately, it does flare up every now and then, especially in battle. While in a battle, Alexander is a fierce competitor who will simply not give up until he is either knocked out or dead. He is usually the guy that sits back and waits until he feels he is needed. When that happens, expect him to come roaring in, firing his cannons, swinging his tail, and raising all sorts of hell for his enemies. After the battles, one can usually see Alexander planting trees where other trees had been uprooted or destroyed.

    History: Fifty years ago, two Knights of the Oran left thier country, seeing that it was getting worse by the day. The Council had just ordered these two Knights specifically to kill off a rogue village of Porygon, Porygon-2, and Porygon-Z. Not wanting to do such a terrible thing, the two knights, a male Tyranitar and a female Aggron, joined the Mechanists. Over the next fifteen years, they grew accustomed to thier lives as mechanists, and soon they had a child, a male Aron they named Alexander Maximillian.

    Almost immediately, the Aron seemed to not only be a great soldier, but also a damn good mechanist. He would often be seen training with his father during the day, while at night the child would help his mother with the various machines before bedtime. Over the years, the child grew up learning both the ways of a Knight and the ways of the Mechanist, getting the best of both worlds. At the age of twenty-three, Alexander (now an Aggron), became a member of the Declarum Forces. Almost immediately he showed that he was a great warrior, specializing in busting up the enemy formations so the Declarum Forces could advance. However, he was extremely hot-headed and stubborn, oftentimes not following orders. During one certain battle, Alexander rushed in too soon, causing his father to go after him. Soon, both of them fell into a trap, becoming surrounded by three Machamp. While Alexander and his father fought valiantly, they never stood a chance. Alexander's father died that day, and the Aggron lost his tail. While he was able to get a new and even better tail, it took several years for Alexander to forgive himself. His father's death caused him to go off into the mountains for five years, leaving some to think he was never coming back, including his mother.

    Soon, however, the Aggron came back, having learned the ways of balance. He still had his temper, but he had some control over it. In battle, he was shown to be even stronger than he was before, as he would now follow orders while keeping calm. Seven years have passed since Alexander came back, and he has now gotten almost full control over his temper. Nowadays, Alexander is still fighting for his home. When not training or fighting, he can be seen at his mother's garage, helping her with the machines there when he can.

    Moveset: Iron Head, Brick Break, Fire Blast, Automize

    Pokecommunity Family:
    Nideous (Spamming Bro)
    aspie3000 (Brother)
    ShinyDiamond (Karate Bro)
    PkMnTrainerYellow (Improbable Daughter)
    Mr. Mammoth (Mammoth Gentleman Son)

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