Thread: B2/W2: More than just Unova?
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Originally Posted by AshleyKetchum View Post
It annoyed me you could explore all of Unova and not use HMs

Wait was the game confirmed to even be in Unova? I know its a sequel but sometimes sequels are in a different place. It could be an older region but N is like a teacher or Prof in that region. Not saying its not Unova but not sure it was every stated it is.
Well it's pretty much a no-brainer that B2/W2 are going to take place primarily in Unova.. Game Freak, after all, are still at Generation V.

If you're going by "it's never been stated," then it also hasn't been stated that B2/W2 are fifth generation games, that we'll even get any Unova Pokémon, or even if they will be part of the main series at all. They could be spin-offs like Ranger and just feature Kyurem formes on the box art!
But seriously, that would be a nightmare to all Pokémon fans.
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