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    Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
    I disagree entirely with removing the one thread per day limit. I'm someone who goes on posting sprees all the time, and if that rule were in place, I wouldn't like going in OVP much anymore. It's ridiculous! I don't care if you remove post count, though. I think post count should be removed globally just because people tend to over-care about stupid things like that, and the no replying rule does make a lot of sense. One of the problems on PC is the similarities between OVP and OC that even I confuse sometimes. Eliminating that factor of replying would completely minimalise the forum to the point where no discussion is there - thus eliminating the confusion between OVP and OC.
    As an ex-S-Mod as well as Führer of PokéCommunity AND ex-mod of OVP, I heartily endorse this statement. OVP is for posting and moving on. No discussion, no frills, no nothing. All of this 'discuss what the question means' and 'put our heart and soul into responses' is a load of bull, and everyone knows it. It's a wonder why the suggestion of removing post-count hasn't been proposed before, to be honest.