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Originally Posted by sammi-san View Post
Oh here we go again. >__>

It's a thread to discuss with the staff. It's not like that one time I added the Feedback thread behind your back. So what I didn't run it by you?

I don't know why the staff added you as a mod. I was running the forum just fine until you came along. Now it's all "you better leave me reports" and "you better tell me everything you do before you do it" and "I'm all better than you". You're now part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

Let's get one thing straight: OVP is my forum. I just let you mod there. Now shut up and do as I say.
Andy is a great mod. Maybe if you got off your ex-h-staff high horse you might see that once in a while. Have you seen the deleted threads in OVP? Every day at least 20 of them because members can't handle the free-form action there. At least 15 are him deleting it, every day. Andy has an enthusiasm for the job that you haven't matched in the year I've been here. Maybe you're part of the problem.

New mods > old mods.

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