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    Originally Posted by Tubby31 View Post
    Please continue the work on this hack when you have free time. Love this hack and make a lot of fun to play it.

    Sorry for my bad english im german and my english is not so good :-)
    I am german, too.

    I will work on it but not as much as i have done over the last month, if anyone finds any bugs i will make sure i fix them quickly.I will sit down and learn scripting and implement a lot of stuff when my exams are over.

    The thing i am most interested in is feedback, especially! feedback on the elite 4, i would appreciate it, if people tell me if they find them too easy or too hard.

    Edit: thanks to the comments above and after realizing there is a bit of interest in my patch, decided to continue even though updates will slow down a lot. NEW VERSION IS UP Though!

    Edit (2): had to upload the version 0.21 again because it was not updated 2 hours ago.. sry /: I would call this version the hardest version I have released uptoDate :p

    Things implemented in my version (unreleased yet):

    10/03/2012 at 23.44: Have made sure HM05 strength can be picked up instead of being brought at the PokemonMarkt... (finally learned that much scripting at last... More to come!)
    12/03/2012 at 14.20: I made sure you will not need surf anymore to get from Sootopolis City's pokemon center to the gym ( I thought it was annoying, so there is a path now)

    13/03/2012 at 00.22 : RELEASED version 0.22!
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