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Originally Posted by TwiDragon View Post
Ok, lets give reasons.

Bug - Ninjask - I don't really like bug pokemon, but this one is kind of cool
Dark - Honchrow - He is one of the few pokemon that naturally looks like a boss.
Dragon - Hydregion - I've always wanted to see a pokemon that just loves choas
Electric - Magnaton - Mostly nostalgia, I had a really good mangton Pokemon card I loved using.
Fight - Scraggy - Fights well, its funny seeing it in the anime, and is the hispter pokemon
Fire - Ninetails - I like "dark" and beautiful Pokemon, and Ninetails fits,
Flying - Togekiss - It doesn't look like a bird, and its a 3rd stage evolve form that is adorable
Ghost - Chandelure - Because this thing is powerful, and I love gijinkas of this thing
Grass - Liligant - I love the gijinkas, I think it looks adorable, and I hate a lot of other grass types
Ground - Flygon - Same reason for Magnton, nostalgia
Ice - Beartic - Because I loved using it in my game, and I loved it having the nickname Desmond
Normal - Meloetta - I love her apperence
Posion - Roserade - I like the gijinkas of her, the apperence is nice, and like grass and bug; I don't like much of them
Psy - Gardevior - Nice artwork, sprite work, pretty useful in teams, first psychic type I ever used in game
Rock - Probopass - Because I can name it Mario
Steel - Mawile - Nice gijinkas, love the artwork, and it is underatted.
Water - Milotic - I loved sea serpents, and the shiny Milotic I have all the way back from Ruby is still my prized Pokemon

Sorry for not reading rules, here is reasonings.
TwiDragon.. Where have I heard that before? Dunno. Anyway, I have always loved Dragonite! I love dragons, type and just the entire concept. I mean, it can fly, looks awesome, very strong, and overall amazing.