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    Ah, prison. The smell of animal-grade slop is rather clear even out front. There was a waiting room just inside, leaving Alessa wondering who would come visit kids/slaves. Maybe it's just a place for the guards to hang out. Either way, the guard bringing her in left her near another door; the one that went straight into the cells. Another door had the place's mess hall behind it; the smell was stronger there. Let's check it out, Sen. And as soon as they were clear, they sank into a shadow and slipped under the door.

    Oh dear Arceus. It's like a barn in here. At least the beds weren't piles of hay. But Syrena really exaggerated on the security. A few pressure alarms, reinforced cells, and one camera that just saw the hallway between cages. Nothing difficult. Shadow Sneak was still working completely fine, too. Looking around for a bit, some of the kids were on a break or something, sleeping in their cells. She slipped into one and came back out of the shadow, quietly waking up one of the kids. A boy with light blue-tinted skin, long white hair, ice blue eyes, and tight-looking handcuffs. He looked dead and his skin felt like a corpse in a Snowpoint blizzard, but he was still breathing. The frosty air coming out of his mouth was clear enough to confirm that. She mistook him for a girl at first glance because of his hair and dress-like clothes, too. "Stay quiet so you don't alert security. Wanna get outta here?"

    The door started to open again. "Alright, act like I was never here," Aly told the boy, who promptly faked sleeping. She sank back into the ground and under the bed, watching the guards come in with... Scarlet, held up by the arms.

    Aiden Selest

    Where... am I? Right, still in Eterna. Can't wait for the right chance to permafreeze these guards; but I have to make sure no one knows except us in here for a long while. Can't let them have the chance to thaw ou-- huh? Someone's here? Aiden opened his eyes, half-awake. Look down, his handcuffs were still on. Damned things are so tight they nearly make his wrists bleed.

    Look up, and there's a girl in front of him, shaking him. Last he checked he didn't have a roommate, and he never saw this girl before. Was she a recent capture? Why's she even conscious? The guards finally got the balls to bring a kid in without jumping them? No way. "Wanna get out of here?" He just nodded. This may just be the chance Aiden and the other kids needed. The door opened.

    "Alright, act like I was never here," the girl continued before disappearing. Better to do what she says, so he closed his eyes and listened to the guards.

    "Good for nothing brats," he could hear. Must've caught another one. Two in one day? Now he knew something was up.

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