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    Heck no!! I do not want to see him go!! I've been a fan of pokemon since episode one and honestly ash has grown to me. yes at times he may be immature and obnoxious but aren't many 10 year olds are? its not his fault he's like that its the writers who make him like that.. like im with you guys like dang they shoulda at least made him 15! still young but a bit mature. Like i just think that they should dedicate a series for him finding his father along with his original friends (Misty and Brock), it pisses me off how they always change em -__- maybe go back to kanto to win the league, and finding out that the champion is his father, beat him, and woo becomes the pokemon master..then I guess you guys can have it your way and they can then change things.. like if they take him out now its always gonna leave us unsatisfied.."why didn't he ever find his dad?" or " why isn't he a pokemon answer". taking him out now would just be laziness on their part, not getting the job done. The point was for ash to become THE pokemon master, so they should finish the job respectively. And as well i am a fan of pokeshipping. They should have some "puppy love" on the show. it would spice things up a little. Thats what I think :3