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    Originally Posted by earth boy View Post
    1. RNG your favorite Pokémon of the "_____" type!
    2. Prepare for trouble... RNG a Pokémon used by Team Rocket!
    3. Get out of your comfort zone: RNG a Pokémon you've never used before.
    4. Who's your parallel? RNG a Pokémon that matches your personality and explain why you chose said 'mon.
    5. The trusty talisman: RNG a Pokémon you've always relied upon. What about that Pokémon motivates you to where it never seems to leave your side?

    Might come up with some more later. But this is more along the lines of what you were looking for, right? =3
    Hot damn! Those were definitely along the lines of things I was looking for! I happen to like every one of them :3 *scribbles them down*