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    Time was running out. She needed to act, and she needed to act now. "Come on, Allegra. Just go for it! You can take them out, no problem!" The girl sighed. "That's not what I'm worried about, Zephyr. I don't actually want to take them out." "Well I don't think you have a choice now. Look." Turning to look back at the staircase, Allegra could see that the time spent arguing with Zephyr (and herself) had allowed the guards to get close enough to see her. "Hey!" One of them shouted. "What are you doing?" He asked needlessly, of course understanding that she had somehow escaped her cell. He ran towards her, the other two following closely behind. Sensing that she wasn't ready for this kind of situation, Zephyr used what mental influence he had to step in and take control. He wished that she had the confidence to do this herself, but he had to cut her some slack. The kid had never even been in a real fight, after all. Zephyr, on the other hand, had been in plenty of battles during the time when Pokemon roamed the earth. He was much more willing to do what was necessary in situations like these.

    Trying as best he could, Zephyr influenced Allegra's mind just enough to give her the extra push she needed to run headfirst into battle. Quite literally, in fact. Together, they ran fast enough to knock over the three grown men coming from the opposite direction. They might not be physically strong, but sometimes speed can be just as useful as strength. As the guards moved to get back up, Allegra let loose a Thunder Wave to immobilize them. "Haha. That's not going to work on us, honey." Shocked, she tried to examine the three of them and figure out why they were still standing. She used Thunder Wave again but it was no use. What was different about these guys? Look at their armor. It's different from the other man we paralyzed. Upon further inspection, Allegra could see that their armor was a thicker, glossier version than she had seen before. She wondered for a moment what it was made of. Well whatever it was, it was obviously electric-proof because her usual paralysis attack wasn't working.

    They surrounded her easily, one of them pulling out a gun and aiming it right between her eyes. She was fast, but certainly not fast enough to dodge a bullet. Instinctively, she turned her head and drew her hands up towards her face, preparing for the pain. But strangely the pain did not come. Instead, her skin felt all tingly and strange. Had she been shot and this was an aftereffect of the pain? Maybe her body was going numb in order to dull the pain? But she hadn't heard a shot... And she didn't feel any pain at all. Opening one eye slowly, she took in the scene before her and realized what the tingly feeling had been.

    The three men lay dead on the floor, their bodies riddled with tiny needles. It seemed that in self defense, she had unconsciously used Pin Missile. Too shocked to move or speak, all she could do was stand and stare at those she had murdered. It was a gruesome sight, for almost every part of their bodies was pierced with needles. Their armor had protected their abdomen but their uncovered faces and limbs had not been so lucky. Little pins had pierced their neck, puncturing their trachea so they were unable to breathe. Their legs had fell from underneath them, the muscles unable to withstand so much pain. Even their faces were covered, needles protruding from their cheeks, lips, and bloodshot eyes. The gun had simply fallen to the floor, unfired.

    Allegra's knees buckled beneath her and she fell to the ground, crying silently. Zephyr sensed her grief and tried his best to cheer her up. "Hey... It's alright, Allegra. Please don't cry." Wow... That didn't sound very helpful. He was pretty bad at this. "It was self defense. You had to do it otherwise they would have shot you where you stood. You're alive now because of what you did. That's not a bad thing." Allegra continued to cry, unmoving. "Hey, c'mon Kicks," he tried using the nickname her friends gave her to make her feel better. "We need to keep going. It's too dangerous to stop here." She knew he was right, of course. She had to get up. Lingering here would just make things worse. She stood up slowly, making sure her legs were steady enough to support her. Without a word she turned and walked up the now unblocked stairs. As she climbed, a random thought swirled around in the far recesses of her mind. Just two little words.

    First Blood.
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