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    ''So, guys, since we haven't got anymore the map, what should we do?'' It's getting late. Maybe you should return to the hotel, I will go to a little place.'' Jay leaves. But he can't find the exit, he was lost on the forest. ''Darn it. Where it was..? Swellow, out...Fly...!'' Jay's Swellow used Fly. Then he returned back, and it looks it was starting to rain so Jay found the exit of the forest and was in the place where he first met a strange pokemon, Grimore. ''......................Grimore...why did he appeared here? Right in front of me? That makes no sense.'' And then it started to rain. Jay was very unlucky this time, he didn't go in the hotel and decided to rest at Pokemon Center. He did rest Swellow, but then Jay asked a question to the nurse, nurse Joy. ''Excuse me, Joy right? May I have more information about that Gromore pokemon?'' The nurse nodded and says that Grimore is more a Lethian than a Pokemon, he's strong, but never battled many trainers. There are many evil organizations around here in Lethia just to catch Grimore. ''Sorry but that's all I know, no one knows MANY information about that Pokemon, it's 95% rare, if your searching for him, your chance is 5% for him to appear, he just appear for the trainers helping him.''

    ''Thanks for the info, that's all I want to know.'' Jay leaves the center, and head to the hotel. Maybe Jack or Shadoan haven't arrived here yet. But Jay was thinking... ''Why did he appear in front of me? Did I help him? Oh, yeah ,that strange Kai was after him. Maybe Kai was going to catch Grimore? But I prevented from happening that?''

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