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Oooh SE :3

I'm going to be awkward and change all the KH questions to FF since it's incredibly bias to them

What is your favourite series made by Square-Enix?
Final Fantasy

Who is your favourite FF character?
Vivi FFIX, Lulu FFX, Yuel FFXIII2 and many close joint 2nd.

What Ultimate Weapon would you wield?
Auron's Masamune

What FF world was your favourite to play?
I would say FFIX had a great world, more recently XII had a great, diverse and HUGE world ready to explore.

What is your favourite Final Fantasy game and why?
I think my favourite is a tie between IX (my first game) and X, for the characters and the beautiful ending.

If you could play as any Final Fantasy villain (or, in some cases, allies), who would it be?
XIII's Cid would have been a fun character to play :3