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Kat strided past Kilik as he stopped, not noticing him stopping. Kat was humming by now and has pushed back the memories. Candlelight taught her how to do that. She sensed a dark presence, and opened her eyes, revealing them as silver and no longer green. Her tail formed from the shadows and started flicking about. She growled at the being as her poison started dripping from her now elongated nails.

Kat backed away and glared at the yellow eyes in the midst of the veggitation. She stopped backing up as she bumped into Kilik. She sighed and sensed the being was not trying to attack. No need to kill another child without it fighting back. She disregarded what Kilik asked the thing and stared at it. She did hear it ask them what they desire. (Death. Finally death.) Kat gasped at Candle but ignored it otherwise. "Conpany. Candle is not enough. I need more. Friends. D-Death of humans..." Kat blanked out at the end as Candle took over. "You nasty humans did this to us. You never even tried to fix it! Never!!" Kat shook her head and nodded "Company."
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