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Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
I disagree entirely with removing the one thread per day limit. I'm someone who goes on posting sprees all the time, and if that rule were in place, I wouldn't like going in OVP much anymore. It's ridiculous!
I legit am tired of you flooding the forum. I don't care if that's how you like to run it. I modded OVP waaaaay before you, back in the days when there was only one poll a day per person. Those were better times.

Not having you around wouldn't be that much of a loss, tbh.

Originally Posted by Toujours View Post

Andy is a great mod. Maybe if you got off your ex-h-staff high horse you might see that once in a while. Have you seen the deleted threads in OVP? Every day at least 20 of them because members can't handle the free-form action there. At least 15 are him deleting it, every day. Andy has an enthusiasm for the job that you haven't matched in the year I've been here. Maybe you're part of the problem.

New mods > old mods.
God you're obnoxious.

Also, you're a liar. Where the hell are these so-called 20 threads a day? Why don't I see them? Shining Raichu can't permanently delete posts, unless he has that permission, in which case I am going to have a stern talking-to to my h-staff friends.

I've been here almost 8 years. I know what the **** I'm talking about. You haven't been here near long enough. Kindly STFU.

Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
I really don't want to do this here, but if you're going to make it public then I'll play.
Let's do this. >:)

Well, I will concede defeat here. I mean, the wild success of the feedback thread speaks for itself.
Like you've been posting in it either, smartass. If you did maybe more people would've posted feedback!

Well I can't exactly speak for their thought process but it seems the fact that I was added means the h-staff beg to differ :)
I would've told them I was just fine had they informed me they were modding you. It was extremely insulting, tbh. I don't know why they wouldn't want my opinion, I was on h-staff for several years! It's not like I was fired or anything.

What reports? We get NO reports. The combination of the fact that OVP members are extremely well behaved and the fact that none of them seem to understand where the report button is or how to use it means that there are NO reports.
Pfft, that's what you think. I just answer them so fast you don't think there's reports.

That's because there is no problem. OVP is fine exactly as it is. Look, I know you're trying to be a good mod here by coming up with these ideas for how to improve the place and make yourself look useful, but I think knowing when to stop is just as important. The section is incredibly active and people enjoy it just as it is. Why are we trying to change something that works? All I'm seeing here is "this annoys me so I wanna change it". It's not at all in the best interests of OVP - in fact, it's incredibly self-serving.
Are you saying I'm useless? **** you, I've been around way longer than you have and will probably stay longer than you, too.

You have no idea what's best for OVP, noob. Why do you think I leave you out of discussions?

lol if you say so
Actually, I do.

In fact, I'm going to have you removed. Just you watch.

As of late? I've been posting in OVP since like April last year and I have never seen a mod be so lenient. The only way you could rule with an iron fist is if you purchased one from eBay. All that these changes mean is that I will be ruling with an iron fist to comply with new rules I don't even agree with.
You know why I'm so lenient now? Because I want to seem like a nice mod. Appearance is important. Well, I'm done with that ********. This spam is starting to piss me off. They're going to see how awful and mean of a mod I can really be.

ANYWAY we're digressing. I think the point to take away from this is that OVP is a post count section and should remain that way, because it's change for the sake of change and that should ALWAYS be discouraged.
If PC always followed that rule we would stuck in like 2005.

Actually, that wouldn't be half bad. Those were the best times. Look where PC is now, it's awful.
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