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Adrian Santoro – Washington D.C., Virginia

Adrian turned his head, facing away from the sun but still squinting as it shone from out the corner of his eye as Erika responded to his question. He was taken aback when she revealed that she was heading towards the Atlantean Centres, making Adrian slightly more nervous; he hadn’t been sure she would be this forthcoming about it. He looked in those deep blue eyes of hers, compared to him she seemed so innocent, he almost felt ashamed that he was recruiting her into an organisation such as the Syndicate, but he had been given specific orders; the Boss wanted this girl.

He let out a sigh, he was going to have to change his tactics to suit the situation, but she also needed to see the truth, “I’m glad I got to you before they did. This Atlantean Centre thing, it’s practically a hoax. All they are doing is recording you in their database so they can keep a track on you, and when they feel ready, take you into one of their labs to open you up and see how you work.” He was being a bit overly dramatic, but eventually someone would get around to doing something close to what he had just said, so it wasn’t too hard to believe.

Sure, Adrian knew that the Syndicate were not much better, but hell, the girl needed a chance to live without having to be neither followed around by men in black cars, nor surgically opened and her insides messed with. “I work for a place that values our individual freedom,” he began, “so that we can grow and develop to the extent of our abilities. It would be ashamed to waste your talent in a laboratory.” He finished his rant, turning his attention away from Erika and back up to the cloud filled sky above.

“So, what do you say, would you like to live your life to its fullest?”

Jeremy Kyle – Wright-Patterson Airforce Base, Ohio, America

Jeremy realised his mistake only when Jericho pointed it out. Mentally kicking himself, his idea of following the boys to paintball and slowly recruiting Jericho through small talk was out the window; it was now time for a new scenario. Jeremy teleported himself out of the car, leaning against the back door, he knew he was being lazy, but he didn’t have the time anymore to be taking the long road; Jericho was freaked and Jeremy needed him to see reason.

“You’re right, Jericho,” he knew Jericho’s real name, and now that the bomb had been dropped, he saw no reason why he could not use it anyway, “I know your probably thinking something along the lines of me being some sort of stalker or mass murderer, but I assure you, I am neither of these things. In actual fact, I know to an extent what your abilities entail, and I am merely here on a recruitment drive for an employer who has an eye out for your particular abilities.” Jeremy was starting to talk fast and a lot; he was never really this up front with people and was incredibly nervous.

He needed a reason that would entice Jericho to join him, which would make Jericho see the way Jeremy sees about the Syndicate and join his side, “My employer will offer you a chance to learn to control your ability, and also offer money for any jobs you complete as well as covering most of your expenses.” Money and control, two of the most powerful driving forces of any one person out there were sure to motivate Jericho into joining; the Syndicate could offer both in exchange for Jericho’s services.

Jeremy was relying heavily on these two factors, he had been told that Jericho was central to the Syndicate’s future, the Boss had made it adamant that Jericho needed to be recruited by Jeremy, that no one else would be able to convince Jericho to join their side. Yet now as Jeremy stood leaning against the car, he was beginning to doubt what the Boss had told him, beginning to think that, in the end, Jericho would say no and Jeremy would again be left to return empty handed. No doubt being punished for doing so as well.

Jeremy extended his hard outwards towards Jericho, offering it to him, “take my hand, and I can take you to a place far away from the mundane world around us.”
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