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    Name: Tsuki no megami

    Age: 15

    Sex: Female

    Apperance: Tsuki wears a long, blue dress with yellow moons on each edge. Her hair is long and black, while her eyes are a dark blue. She wears blue shoes with a full moon yellow jewel on the tips. Tsuki also wears a pendent with blue beads, but the main charm is in the middle-a Pokeball with a blue top and a black bottom, a moon design on the top.

    Pokemon Team:

    Name- Ora
    Species- Lucario
    Gender- Female

    Name- Suta
    Species- Cressalia
    Gender- N/A

    Name- Kenshi
    Species- Gallade
    Gender- Male

    Bio: Tsuki was young when she first got a Riolu, since her ancestor was Sir Aaron himself. She would always go out and train it, and was learning to use aura herself. One day, Tsuki was training when she heard a loud cry. When she found the source, it was a hurt Cressalia surrounded by Ursaring. Quickly, Tsuki and Riolu used a double aura attack to save the legendary. In return, Cressalia joined Tsuki. A week after that is when she caught a Ralts, which later evolved into a Kirlia, then a Gallade. 5 weeks after Kirlia's evolution, Tsuki and her pokemon heard of Lethia and their challange, and decided to take it up.
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