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Helena Andersson - Somewhere over Europe

"Well, I'm not usually the one in charge of handling new recruits," Annie turned to her computer and tapped away. "But, as far as I know, when we get to HQ, you will be going to do some training so that you can get a better hold of your ability."

"Training?" Helena said, nodding. "That sounds... good, I suppose." God knew she could use some training to get better at focusing when she was invisible. Or rather, to be able to stay invisible without focusing like crazy all the time. "Do you live there, at the HQ? I mean, will I live there?"

Natalia emerged first from the backroom, her face serious with a hint of frustration. Atticus came out too and fell into a chair with a half sour look on his face. Helena leaned her head to the side. He didn't look happy at all. She wanted to cheer him up somehow.

"Hey," she said to him. "Thanks... for getting me here in one piece," she tried, even though she knew it wasn't just thanks to Atticus.

"So!" Annie broke the awkward, "can I see your invisibility? It sounds so interesting. Have you got a fair grip on it yet?"

Helena turned back to her. "Um... not really. We'll, I can do this," she said in pretty good English and turned completely invisible. Clothes and all. "It's not difficult now when I'm sitting down, having control over all my limbs and can focus on only this and talking to you." When she said that, other thoughts of course started creeping into her head, like Atticus' and Natalia's argument, her brother and parents... Her whole body flickered for a moment, until she realized what a trap she had made for herself, and regained focus. She was feeling a bit less shocked now and dared to speak more.

"I've been trying to make only certain body parts go invisible, but it's difficult to stop it from spreading, for some reason..." She turned visible again, to give Annie a face to talk with. She wasn't really wondering what mechanism really lay behind her ability. That was for scientists and philosophers to discover some time, perhaps. She just wanted to know how she could use it. If it turned out she'd have to use it. And since it was a pretty neat thing, she wanted to.

"And I have been able to make things go invisible. Like a packet of chewing gums. Or the pistol-" she shuddered mentally "- that I used in Atticus' car. I didn't really mean to turn them invisible though. It's... just difficult to control."
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