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    Originally Posted by xdanx View Post
    Boring. Sorry but I can't describe it any other way. I played it and after 15 minutes I was already bored. Why? because it's almost exactly the same that so many pokemon games already seen, but a lot of the creatures I find them quite unoriginal and ugly. That's because it is yet another pokemon clone, and usually, pokemon clones have creatures whose design is too complicated and some times realistic, which simply doesn't fit with that kind of gameplay.

    I also don't like website design, colors and buttons aren't the best. I guess you will be changing a lot of things, but to be frank, I wouldn't waste more time playing the game as it is.

    Anyway an advice, if you don't want it to be closed, not only make sure you don't have any copyrighted material, stop promoting it as a pokemon-style game too. They don't need you to use their material to be able to cause you troubles. Direct copies are also punishable by the law, and this game isn't precisely going by unnoticed, specially if you describe it as a pokemon-style game. Don't take this in a bad way, but if you need to use Pokemon's fame to make your game well-known, then you have to think why are you wasting your time. If your game can't be good enough to create its own fame and get fans by itself, then there's no reason to keep doing it.

    Anyway you probably won't care about my comment, not even to believe something of what I have said, and you may even think "this is a troll". Do it if you want, but believe me, kid's flattery won't make your game better, real and serious critiques will.

    Anyway, who cares right? if people plays the game, why bother changing anything? isn't that's how "game developers" think this days?

    I agree with this a lot. I've played the game and found it really pointless so far. It has no backstory nor anthing but tall grass and monsters. It's like you copied pokemon games structure and concept and started creating lots of "monsters", constantly updating more and more. You know, that doesn't make this game original AT ALL. I mean, c'mon! your pokeball replacement is an hexagonal and incredibly ugly "monster box"??? you could have put some thought on it. If you wanted to change de monster storing device you could have created something never seen before. I ended up really disliking this project. This is plagiarism and i can not believe you got copyrights.

    Anyway, don't get me wrong. I really encourage new ideas and creativity, but this is insulting. I mean, you took pokemon, pokeballs, trainers, gym leaders, pokemon elemental types (having added light tipe is still nothing original), TM's, HM's, three-evolutionary-states-top, EVERYTHING! But you're trying to show this as something new. Your complex design of monsters really cuts off the pokemon style but your overworld is exactly the same so... how come this is something different from pokemon games? How come you got copyrights? I mean, this is not a "pokemon style monster mmorpg", this is just another pokemon game with everything renamed and slightly reshaped. Oh! wait... TM's keep the exact same name... another point to "this is plagiarism". And the worse of all, i really smell that when this is done, there'll be premium accounts and only-obtainable-by-cash stuff.

    if this was a hack or a fangame i'd be cool with it... it just annoys me that this is pretended to be something else.
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