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    Originally Posted by LightOfTruth View Post
    Without a translation this shouldn't be on the site
    Is there a rule about this? i've noticed that many people in PC speak spanish, so why shouldn't this be here? It says right there that it'll be translated, i think this should progress and when it's complete, be translated so that everyone can play, but there's no reason for a spanish hack to be removed/sensored from PC.

    In another topic... i had seen this before in WAH and seeing it here now makes me really happy for two reasons: 1) you're still working on it and eventualy a full version of a new great hack will be available, 2) Pokecommunity seems to be growing! (it's not the first hack i see here after seeing it on WAH).

    So cheers for this! i wish upon Jirachi you make this to the end and have a lot of success!!

    Un saludo latinoamericano desde Argentina!

    (in case it's forbiden to say things not everyone's going to understand, that means "a latinamerican greeting from Argentina")
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