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    Um, i saw something interesting at Bulbapedia about Rotom:

    -If Gravity, Skill Swap, Gastro Acid, or Smack Down is used, if the opponent has Mold Breaker, or the Pokemon is given an Iron Ball, the effectiveness of Ground-type moves is 4x

    And something else:
    -All of Rotom's appliance forms except Mow Rotom are tied for, or have the least weaknesses of all Pokémon of their secondary types.

    And another funny thing. Rotom-H is Electric/Fire and Numel and Camerupt are Ground/Fire, right? Rotom is immune to Ground-type moves, and Numel and Camerupt are immune to Electric-type moves.

    Also, Shiny Rotom and Shiny Numel look so good!