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    A blue Scizor flies out from the sky and appears in front of Starforce23 and speaks.
    "By vote of of the members to the RP, You have been considered dropped and banned from the Earth and Sky league by order of Quto, Game Master. You will be escorted off Lethia personally and your badge or badge pieces re-distributed among other members."
    Then a short task force of Scizors appear. "Your game with us ends here without possibility of re-entering. If you post any further including any harsh comments, you will be reported to a board mod or admin. Begone." The troops of Scizor take Starforce23 out of the RP and drop him elsewhere.


    Starforce23 is considered banned from Earth and Sky. If he posts any further, ignore his actions and continue, If he starts to pester others, do not hesitate to report him.

    Further more, to everyone that's left here, if someone is bothering you in the RP, let me know so we can handle it and continue the story.

    -Badge redistribution-

    -Aluminum76, by random dice roll, you receive [1] badge component-

    As the evening sets in, a blue scizor wearing a red dangling ribbon on its arm approaches Aaron and presents him with a badge piece and speaks. "A participant has been exiled from the tournament, by random decree, you or your team have been distributed this badge component for the tournament. May good fortune accompany you and your endeavors." With that, the blue pokemon takes flight into the sky.

    As Shadoan and Jack continue their trek, they finally reach the mountain base and discover a large caravan of Onyx, Steelix, Tauros and Miltanks with saddles and bags hanging from their bodies. The Onyx and Steelix form somewhat of a wall around a large area while the Miltanks graze, eating grass and pokemon food. Walking past the pokemon to what the onyx and steelix were guarding was a populated area of trainers and booths setup. Vendors selling pokeballs, badge pieces, grocceries, pokemon food, books and services, all of the following could be found here. Shadoan takes a deep breath and sighs looking back at Jack. "We made it... I'll get another map and a survival guide... We can meet back by the Miltanks if you want." From here, Shadoan moves on to shop.

    -Currently for Sell-

    New Item:Travel Voucher
    If your looking to travel with the vendors, this voucher allows the holder to ride along with the vendors to anywhere in Lethia. The vendors change locations daily, so they could be in the mountains, desert or forest in less than a day. The down side to having this voucher? You can't decide where to go and can only go where the vendors move to. You are free however to stop and drop yourself off anywhere at any given time, but the caravan will move on without you and you cannot get back on until the vendors reach their destination to setup shop.

    -Pokeballs: Pokeball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Net Ball, Heavy Ball, Heal Ball, Premium Ball
    -Items: Potion, Super Potion, Antidote, Burn Heal, Paralyze Heal, Repel, Super Repel, Transfer Tag, Map, Survival Guide to Lethia [Free], Poke Berries [All Berries] Gen. 1 TM's, Escape Rope, Travel Voucher
    --PC: Swap out pokemon, send emails through a secure connection.
    --Move Trainer: Expensive, but will teach any move to any pokemon. Moves pokemon can learn must obey the current video games rule of what the move trainer can teach it.
    --Poke Center: The only center that charges for its services. Its incredibly cheap, so it shouldn't be a problem. [Basic healing is $2 per Pokemon, curing status alignments is $1, checkup is free.]
    --Info. Booth: Gather gossip, information, rumors, trainer information for a price. If any information is inaccurate, provide proof for a refund.
    --Job Booth: Short on cash? This service offers work to the trainers participating in Earth and Sky containing requests made by various trainers and even pokemon prof. Jobs include battling pokemon, battling trainers, capturing and submitting pokemon, taking research photo's, name it, its here. If you complete a job, and turn it in at this booth when you return to the Vendors, you will be paid well to get you by in the tournament. There are even 1 or 2 jobs that give badge components.
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