Thread: FireRed hack: Cubone and the Power Crystal
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A video of the beginning scenes of this hack. Any tile errors have been fixed, rest assured ;D.
Also I ended up changing the text of Cubone to green, happy now? ;D

Originally Posted by chrunch View Post
This is looking great! I love the concept of a microhack with just a short, fun game. The custom FR tiles and puzzles are also looking great. I agree with Fireworks though, maybe you should change the Pokemon's text to green and the policeman's text to blue? Good luck! :)

Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
Playability is a quality of a game that makes it playable (makes the player enjoy but still provide a decent amount of difficulty) :D
This hack is bound to be very playable :)
Thought that was what you meant. Thanks!

Originally Posted by Potent View Post
Probably the best statement I have ever seen in this section. Totally agree with you mate. I love the idea of this hack and hope it goes far! I cant wait to play it and its many sequels!
Glad to see I ain't alone~
Thanks though technically they won't be sequels, just separate hacks.!

Anyway, I've updated the first post with some updated screenshots.

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