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    (Okay, since I haven't posted 15 posts, I can't give you any images, but I hope you can still make some sense out of this.)
    I did this:
    Should have shown Cyclone with a complete 16x16 tileset and a complete map.

    Now, if I put my .raw from cyclone into 136 I get this:
    Shows that the tiles are placed properly.
    This should be the right placement for these tiles.

    However, when I do this like the guide told me to do it (No, I didn't do it with the file that was already altered.) using 135 and 136 (I seem to be missing a file, as I have found out from past experiences.), I get this:
    I can recognize a few tiles here and there, there seems to be no or little system in their placement. Some of the colours appear to be gone.
    I used the offsets 0xFD0000 and 0xFD1000, but I only got one ptr found message for each file I saved.

    It would be really helpful if you could tell me what's wrong.
    And btw, the reason why I have those borders on my map is because I made a too detailed map, so I had twice as many tiles as I should have.
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