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Take a look at some of your old SUs. Is there any recurring or overlapping traits that are prevalent in your characters? It could be a name you constantly use, or a certain consistent appearance they have, or a certain personality type? Perhaps something a bit more subtle?

Well, they all seem to have similar traits. Not like I, or really anyone, can help it. We make characters based off of what we know, so a few, or all, of them will be similar. Although, I have so many freaking characters that I have a rather diverse group
Shy/loners/dark (Luna, Kris, Shun, etc.)
friendly/optimistic/outgoing (Sierra/Krystal/Solissa, etc.)
genius/@$$hole/neutral (Nel, Sam, Angel, etc.)
I hev 'em all. :P Although, I don't keep either side void of good/bad characteristics, because that's dull and unrealistic, so they all have their moments. :3

Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
So, I like to play those kind of characters. What I don't like to play as is timid, depressed or very dark characters, since I find that those can't really step up and take charge or talk to people in a way I'd be comfortable with. I find them boring to play as, basically ^^'
Yet you loved the very dark, angryface Shun-man I made in *Foreigners. :P I suppose reading about characters you don't like to play as can still be just as entertaining, though~

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