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Originally Posted by Rickyboy View Post
Its not really that difficult, the hardest part in my opinion is just seperating the base sprite into parts(so you don't have to edit every frame).

I use gimp for them, which is free to download. I just seperate each frame into a layer, and when you're done, you can just save it as a gif. animation throught the program itself.

Its worth noting that for me personally, it takes around a half an hour or more for each animation, just so you're aware.
0K, i'll chek the program and see how it goes... I'll get the sprites from you i guess?? Or am I the one who gets to design each animation?

yeah... i'm really, really a begginer but hey! i got a lot of commitment! lol

EDIT: OK, i tried the program and i got it right away. Just lend me your sprites and i'll make my magic