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Erika Onzanem - Washington D.C., Virginia

Erika was a bit taken back by what the male was saying. They wanted to track her and... do what to her now? Her expression took on a look of mild disgust at the notion of being 'opened up' and having some stranger violating at least one hundred personal space rules. How messed up was that? Her gaze momentarily shifted from Adrian to space as she considered the fuller scope of what he had just said. When she looked back at him her expression was fairly neutral, as well as her tone.

"That's... a pretty heavy accusation, stranger."

Hesitating a moment before continuing, she eyed her drink briefly in thought. She had been about to ask if that would be a human rights issue before she considered that others may not find her human anymore. The thought bewildered her, causing her to explore why such a thing would happen. It seemed like ignorance to her. It would surprise her if there was an actual scientific reason behind such a claim.

Regardless, Adrian had asked her another question and she felt the need to answer it.

"Well--yeah. That's the dream isn't it?"

She seemed rather relaxed, all things said, if not mildly concerned. She had never wanted all that much. She wanted to learn everything she could, study lore and culture, absorb factoids, collect books, earn respect, and Heck she wanted to learn about this Atlantean culture. The seeming magic surrounding it was what had gotten her so interested.

"So, what's this 'organization' called anyway...?"

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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