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Jericho Heiko: Wright-Patterson Airforce Base, Ohio (United States of America)

Jericho looked at Jeremy with a face that communicated how strange he found him and the situation. Not to mention all the other emotions that came out of it. Especially since he displayed more of this weirdness by teleporting out of his car. The first thing he focused on was Jeremy's first assurance. The way he said it just made Jeri more nervous. "I know what you're thinking, but I'm not a mass murderer" was basically what had come out of this kid's mouth. If that was the first thing that came to mind, he must have been some sort of stalker admitting himself on the sly or, more likely, he'd done this so many times that he'd gotten that kind of consistent reaction out of people. He wasn't going to begin on how scary that thought was. He also used words like "entail" and "employer". Not saying these were big, difficult words, but people didn't talk like that on a regular basis. Or at least in America. Especially the word employer. No one used that on a regular basis. Now, Jeri had seen his fair share of movies. Whenever someone says "my employer" in any sentence, that meant they were no good. Only bad guys had employers. The only jobs with "employers" were the ones a little under the law. That was just a fact of life.

He never understood why people in movies didn't understand the things he understood. If someone ever said that to you, warning bells should go off in your head. However, no one seemed to be able to call the police or run into a crowd and shout out these people's locations. Even if you were going to die, you'd have millions of witnesses and they couldn't kill everyone discreetly, could they? This, however, was a little off-topic. The point was, there was a killer on his doorstep. Jeremy promised him joining this organization (again, something only criminal would have (good guys had agencies)) would give him jobs (oh god) and pay for them as well. They were obviously criminals so Jeri could only guess the pay was substantial (criminals were always noticeably richer than the heroes of the story, he wasn't sure if that was a pro or not). The only problem seemed to be that he mentioned something paying for his expenses. Paying off his expenses? The way he said it implied he would have to pay for something. If he was going to get kidnapped (which was obviously going to be the end result of this, one of the main reasons Jeri wasn't just going to jump into this (I mean, come on, things were a lot less fun when you had to do it)) he wasn't going to pay for room and board. That just seemed unfair. Jericho forgot himself for a second and almost asked about this little clause. He was suddenly beginning to think that these guys weren't that rich at all since he had to pay to live in some dank, uncomfortable holding cell. And what if he didn't pay? What were they going to do? Evict him? Go ahead! He didn't even want to be there!

On top of this--on top of all this!--Jeremy did that whole "take my hand!" thing. The first thing that came to Jericho's mind was Kingdom Hearts. You know that game, right? The one about the kid with a giant key who beat up little shadow gremlin things? Something like that. Jeri had never actually played the game, just seen other people play it. He didn't remember all the names of the characters, but Jeremy was reminding him of the white haired one. You know the white haired one? Always sticking his hand out for Sora (or whatever his name was) to take it so they could experience "a new kind of world". Some kind of world of darkness, he believed, which he couldn't see why someone would willingly go for that. Especially every time white-haired-kid did the whole hand things a big ass tsunami or some monster or whatever would pop up and wash away Sora's attempts to join him seconds before contact. Jericho looked passed Jeremy, expecting to see a huge, world-splitting wave to come over the horizon. The image of all the continents split apart by space and populated by Disney characters came to mind.

Now it was thinking time, talking time. Jeremy had finished speaking. He had talked kind of quickly so he finished pretty fast. He'd called life mundane. Jeri had half a mind to tell him that his life was pretty entertaining. Jeri opened his mouth to spit a big fat "no" right in Jeremy's face. Pay or no pay this didn't seem like a good idea. This wasn't no McDonald's job, Jeri could already tell. However, Peter stopped him and pulled him a little to the side. Jeri looked at him with question. He didn't like this movement. It was almost as if Peter... As if he...

"I think you should do it," Peter whispered as they bent over in a secretive, huddle type fashion. His face going from serious to this grin. What!? Jericho had shock on his face in a moment. He looked at Jeremy and then looked at Peter. Was this kid some kind of telepath too? He must have screwed Peter's brain.

"Is your head screwed on right!?" Jericho answered just as quietly. There seemed to be something wrong with Peter, as if he didn't posses a sense of alarm. Peter nodded.

"Sure is and it's got an idea!" He smiled broadened. "Do you see the opportunity in this?"

"Oh yeah. Die or go to jail. What an opportunity!" Jeri replied sarcastically. The whole death thing didn't stop people from being enthusiastic.

"You're thinking like a pess." Peter had this thing where he shortened words like nicknames for no reason at all. Like pess was short for pessimist. "Look at it this way. You're getting paid and you're figuring out your powers." Now, Jeri wasn't the kind of guy to say no to money, but this was kind of different, wouldn't you say?

"Peter--" he cut him off.

"Come on! Don't you want a little adventure? Don't tell me you're going to back down." Jeri frowned. He wasn't the kind of just back down. Challenges were his thing and you didn't just quit a challenge. At least he didn't. Jeri raised a brow, asking the question. Was this a challenge? Peter's continuing smile seemed to answer the affirmative.

"I'm still basically being kidnapped here." Peter informed him that that was where his ingenious plan came in! He'd be getting paid, right? All he'd have to do was stay long enough to handle his powers, see what the deal was, and get enough money to get the first plane back home. He could sneak away easy. Jeri couldn't help but agree. He'd snuck away from plenty of places before. Big bosses weren't that smart anyways. Besides, they could finally get the score settled. Was he a pyro? Peter said no, Jeri said yes. If he were right, Jeri was gonna rub it in hard.

Jericho stood up straight with a small smile. His expression didn't have the doubtful fears and misgivings as it did before. It had the look of a guy who knew he'd win a bet. He smirked. "So travel is free, right?"
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