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Originally Posted by Sayan View Post
@Cosmotone- It's the "Question of the Week", check the OP.

@Limanya- You have been been fined 500 points for your greedy behaviour. The points which could not be deducted from your FoF account has been deducted from your Psionic account instead. And Arceus would also like to have a word with you for committing this sin.

I'm joking :D!
I don't have 500 points there XD.
And the quiz:
Answer 1: Rotom-H
Answer 2: Numel
Answer 3: Camerupt
Answer 4: Numel and Camerupt
Answer 5: Rotom-H, Numel and Camerupt
Answer 6: Rotom-H and Numel
Answer 7: Rotom-H and Camerupt