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Jack Davis

The trek through the forest was even worse now that they had no map to go by. Hopefully they would be able to find a caravan soon and at least get their bearings. Foxtrot was on Jack's shoulder doing what he had been trained to do, looking out for anyone, or anything else, that would get the jump on them. Soon enough they had gotten out of the forest... and into the mountains. Jack was astonished to see so many rock pokemon in one place and almost had Foxtrot start attacking when he noticed the saddles they wore. Apparently these pokemon were the ones that pulled the caravans all over the island. Interesting. There were many booths and trainers walking around trying to find the supplies they needed.

"We made it... I'll get another map and a survival guide... We can meet back by the Miltanks if you want." Shadoan said as he already started to move around the booths. Jack shrugged and began to scout the booths as well. He was on the lookout for one particular booth. He eventually found the TM booth and once he got to the front there was only one TM on his mind. "Hello Sir, do you have the Shadow Ball TM?"

The man sighed, "Sorry, we only sell certain TM's in each caravan. If you want to find Shadow Ball you would have to scout out another caravan. Is there anything else you would like instead?" Jack sighed, "No, thanks anyway." Jack found his way out of the crowd and made his way to the pokecenter. He paid the fee and once Foxtrot was healed he made his way to the Miltanks and sat on the grass as Foxtrot sat next to him. "Well, all we can do now is wait for Shadoan." He muttered to his pokemon.
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