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Originally Posted by jdthebud View Post
Hey, I'm gonna let this go once, but you are supposed to have at least two viable team members at the end of Kanto, as it states in the rules. One pokemon at L75 and the other at L26 doesn't cut it. Continue on to Johto, but you need to have at least three viable team members at the end of the rest of the games in your ultimate challenge.

To refer back to the OP:
Haha, thanks will do. On Johto already and thank god I kept it balanced this time.

Blue Team: Johto Update 1

-Choose Spike The Totodile
-Cruised through to Falkner and swept his team with Spike.
-Caught a Hoppip
-Beat Bugsy while evolving Spike.
-Caught HM Slave (Sandshrew)
-Cruised along to Goldenrod evolving Hoppip to Skiploom.
-Beat Whitney (Little crying *****)
-Caught a Female Nidoran named Nidoline in National Park
-Went Back to Azalea Town and Headbutted for 3 hours straight for Heracross named Sparta
-Beat Morty as Spike Evolved To Feraligatr
-Caught Chinchou and Quickly evolved it to Lanturn (Named it DaBawsssPkMn)
-Beat Chuck(?) and Skiploom Evolved to Jumpluff.
-Crushed Jasmine after evolving Nidoline
-Killed the red Gyrados cuz hes not blue.
-Mommy buys me a Moon Stone so Nidoline becomes a Queen.
-Caught Noctowl for flying slave and boxed Sandshrew.
-Ice Gym defeated with Double Kicking Powahhhh
-In Blackthorn Now

Current team
Spike The Feraligatr Lvl 33

Sparta The Heracross Lvl 33

DaBawsssPkMn The Lanturn Lvl 37

Jumpluff Lvl 32

Nidoline The Nidoqueen Lvl 31

Noctowl (HM Slave)

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