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    Here's mine.

    Name: Alice

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Pokémon Species: Absol

    Job Title: Knight-Commander

    Appearance: Alice does her best to look good, even in battle. She makes sure her white-as-snow fur has a faint luster to it every morning, and her eyes are actually a light blue, unlike many other Absol. She wears no helmet or breastplate, but just two pairs of jointed iron greaves. Each one has the Knights' oran symbol just above the knee, and Alice's Gem of Knighthood rests embedded in the front left oran berry. In the Council cities, she wears her retired father's gem around her neck.

    Personality: She's an average-looking Absol by any other name, but she'd get the urge to quietly slit your throat if you said it in front of her (and resist it, of course). She can be modest and compliment others on their accomplishments, but being simply "average" is a grave insult to her. She works hard on her appearance, armor included, and prides herself on her efforts, as well as her skill and grace in battle. Alice doesn't really try to look good for anyone in particular (or at least she says so), she just doesn't want to seem unrefined or mixed up with another Absol.

    Among the Knights, Alice is extremely analytical (as in she'll even talk in percentages, which has been pointed out by others and herself before), but has no qualms with killing an enemy or traitor regardless of their motives. She usually fights with quick movements and relentless attacks once she has a strategy, using everything to her advantage, even her armor as an unconventional weapon. If she has no idea about her opponent, Alice will be more cautious, using her attacks to defend herself and refraining from using Mean Look if she's unsure of the outcome. She fully obeys the Council with faith that their choices will benefit everyone, and praying to Arceus and Ho-oh at the end of every day.

    She does, however, silently question the Council's hatred of human technology, thinking of ways it could help Pokémon instead of hurt anyone. In spite of these thoughts, she thinks of the Mechanists as little more than organized savages, unable to put the technology to its full potential. Alice continues trying to prove herself worthy of being a Council member, where she can actually have some influence.

    History: Alice is a purebred Absol from Tanyun, or at least she likes to think she's a purebred since both of her parents, Kyle (a now-retired Knight-Commander) and Celeste are the same species. (Her father's line contains both an Umbreon and Samurott.) Her father began training her the moment he had the chance, ingraining the Knights' Code of Honor into Alice's brain alongside basic fighting techniques before she could run without tripping over herself. Kyle didn't want anything less than Alice's full dedication to the Knights of the Oran, and while that's what he seems to have gotten with his daughter's disgust of how the Mechanists used human invention, Alice was actually intrigued by the idea of it. Not like she'd ever admit it, knowing she'd get branded treasonous. Many of her questions went forever unanswered, too, such as why the Council hated human technology so much, unless there was an extremely long and boring explanation that usually trailed into "We must destroy the machines and purify the world!" She almost fell asleep for at least two of them.

    She was consistently set out amongst others no matter where she went, not only by choice but by the fact that she was the Disaster Pokémon. People were afraid that Alice, being born of two Absols and apparently even more dangerous because of it, could bring about the destruction of a Council city. This pushed her to showing her skill as a Knight after she turned fifteen, putting her father's lessons to good use. In downtimes, she even studied the less-classified information the Mechanist Spies obtained (using her father's rank to get access to a few more reports than what regular Knights could). This only got Alice more curious about using human technology, and she learned how to both operate and quickly dismantle a basic Boom Stick. (Of course, there were no warnings about their operation.) She also started getting more aware of the Mechanists' use of pellets and other weapons.

    She spent six years increasing her knowledge of Mechanist weapons, and used this knowledge to her advantage in battle from disabling and destroying active flamethrowers to rebounding pellets and shock guns. This, later combined with the superstition and special predictive powers of her species, and her father's affiliation with the Knights, caught the attention of Maverick Renos. Meanwhile, Alice really aspired to be a spy, wanting to learn first-hand about Mechanist devices and how the Mechanists use them with so many different Pokémon body types, but her application was shot down. (First off, she's a woman. Despite Matthew's efforts, that still ain't goin' through. Second... actually, why would you need more reason than that? *shot*)

    About a year ago, when Alice was 22 and Maverick did a little digging, the latter approached Alice with an offer to take up an available place as a Knight-Commander. Leading the Knights into battle at the head of the pack would instill fear in any superstitious Mechanist, and Maverick expected her to match and surpass her father's prowess. Her apparent spy-grade expertise with the Mechanists' equipment from the years of studying only served to further Maverick's reasoning, so Alice could ensure that fewer Knights fell to the god-defying weapons. The Grovyle hasn't seemed to regret the decision, and Alice has even taken a recent interest in a Mienshao of the same rank.

    Moveset: Psycho Cut; Night Slash; Mean Look; Megahorn

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