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Originally Posted by Cello View Post
This is a small request, so i'm just going to ask in this thread.

I need a Super Mod or perhaps even an Admins help if there's anyone willing to help me out. :Y
As said, this is a small, unimportant request, so I understand if there's no one willing to help.
There's a CSS template I created a loooong time ago that I used frequently in project threads that I unfortunately have no way of recovering since the thread is closed now. Not only that, but I can't remember a lick of CSS and would like to look over the template as a refresher/modify and reuse it in a new project thread.

Could someone help me recover the code from the thread, or know of a way I could get the code out of the thread? D:
The template.

I took out some of the text because I didn't have a way to get to the bbcode easily so I just used the html and translated it, which made those longer parts that aren't really necessary a pain so I left them out. Hope you don't mind :) Quoting it so it doesn't try to add my font onto it.

Introduction | News | Team |Projects | Help
, I'm Cello, and I am bangBANG's director or whatever the hell that is. More about me: I text way too much and drink iced coffee. Anyways. What we are, is nothing more or less than your average team. Only really cool and flashy so we catch your attention. In the good way. We also showcase team member's hacks for everyone to see. We work together on hacks and all have our own projects. We look to bring you the best of the best, and that's all there is to it. You will know which hacks are made by bangBANG, I assure you.
  • Please apply only to what's posted under help. We'll hire you if we need help. Check our job postings.
  • If you're a close friend and have a really ground breaking hack, we'll invite you to showcase under bB. Feel free to talk to us about it.
  • Don't whine/Stank up my team's thread with a spammy post.
  • If you have a complaint, just PM me.
  • I will not CSS or design image-slice layouts for you. This is team exclusive.
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To anybody applying to ANYTHING here, you must meet the basic requirements. You must be friendly, willing to work hard, and most of all GOOD GRAMMAR. I will personally pop you upside your head if you 1337 speak this. If you have a hack you want to showcase under bangBANG, don't apply it. We'll invite you if we want you/your hack to join, granted you aren't in a team and we've spoken on multiple occasions.
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