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Originally Posted by Feralize View Post
When I put my obtained ID into the right side of Pandora's Box, it says that I hit my delay even though I got the wrong ID.
look at the second you hit, it may be the cause. Sometimes RNG reporter gives me two seed, both with the same delay but different second.

Originally Posted by greg0915 View Post
How have I only just heard about this!?!?!?!? Well Mac I guess you beat me to it and created this place. I'd love to join!

My latest abuse (kinda)

OT: George
ID: 27227

I was gonna abuse this but my taught my friend to do it instead however I will probably RNG'ing most of the pokes.

Challenge complete!
I've RNG'd this guy because I love Tentacruel and it was my 1st successful IV breed back in the days before RNG'ing =')

Tentacool ♂ Lv.23
OT: George | ID: 17771
Timid | Liquid Ooze
31, 12, 31, 31, 31, 31
Acid, Toxic Spikes, BubbleBeam, Wrap
Valley Windworks | Fully Redis
How dare you to RNG his awesome mon before I do JK :D