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Okay, since this club has been a bit inactive lately because of my inactiveness, but please know that this weekend I AM moving and I won't have internet for a while (Who knows how long), so I may ask everyone, try your best to be active and bring up topics.


Which Legendary Pokemon disappoints you in terms of:
1) Design

2) Storyline
3) Power/Strength

That's three answers you should be speaking about

Also I'm sure most of you may have wondered what I have of my favorite Pokemon, Latias. Here is what I have. Hence, I no longer have any other cards (aside from 4 decks that I only play against a few personal friends to play with). In terms of collecting, this is all I have left since I sold the rest. Why did I keep these? Duh, she's my PokeWife They mean so much to me!