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    Originally Posted by TBomb View Post
    Ahh then just the Budew please, thanks.
    OK no problem.

    Originally Posted by latioslegends View Post
    Hello Mac. I was hoping if you could do a breeding project for me. If you already have this, and by some chance I missed it in your shop, I'll more than likely make an offer for it. =P

    Pokémon: Ponyta
    Shiny: Yes
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Naive or Jolly
    Ability: Flash Fire
    IVs: If Jolly, Flawless. If Naive, best to work with 70 HP Grass.
    Hatch Location: Any
    Egg Moves: Horn Drill, Hypnosis, Morning Sun

    Thanks a lot if you're willing to find the time for this request.
    I'll do Naive HP Grass.