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    Originally Posted by Shadow97 View Post
    I have defeated burgh he was good i have lost at him once but in 2nd time i have a counter strategy to his escavelar sturdy by using honchkrow confuse ray and flareon he was very good and i want to take your advice of what electric type to catch eelektross or electvire
    my team now
    feraligator lv 30
    boldore lv 31
    flareon lv 32
    mienfoo lv 28
    servine lv 29
    So, you were playing Yang White, huh? LOL I forgot I gave Escavelar Strudy...Flareon got Drill Run, didn't it?

    I find Burgh harder on Yin Black, as he uses Acclegor which has extremely high Sp. Atk on my hack...But it's kind frail, tho...But speedy.

    Both Pokemon are good, ya know...But just like how zanny said on the Electrivire thing. It does learn Bolt Strike...Just like how Magmortar learns Blue Flare.

    But if you want a Pokemon with a different feel to it, remember I made Eelektross part Water, meaning it learns water type moves...Aside from Electric Type.

    But in da end, it's up to what YOU really want.

    Originally Posted by zantetsu122 View Post
    electivire really helped me in my playthrough of yang white. It learns some good moves like bolt strike( which is REALLY good with it.)
    LOL I knew you was gonna mention that.

    And hey, you think I should increase it PP on the next release? 5...Is kinda not enough...I'll let you decide.

    If you say yes...I'll do it, but if you say no...Then the Devil wears Prada. LOL

    Originally Posted by Shadow97 View Post
    i want to know bisharp ability
    Oh, have you caught a Pawniard?

    ...I think they live around Lostlorn Forest...I think...Just check da doc, I'm too lazy to check now.

    Anyways, for you question...They have; this counts for both its stages, Defiant and Inner Focus
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