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    Oh sweet, Smash Brothers! I'm interested in joining!

    Your Username: Game Over1375, but I ask that everyone just calls me Game.

    How did you start playing Smash Bros?
    When did the original on the N64 come out? Yeah... I started on the day it came out. XD

    Any thoughts/opinions about it?
    I love Super Smash Bros. My favorite game was Melee, but I do recognize Brawl as a great game to the series. My only problem was that it did away with so many great things that were in Melee.

    What strategies/characters do you use when playing?
    My favorite characters in Melee were Young Link, Mario, Kirby, and Bowser, and my strategies would be based on the characters. Favorite characters in Brawl are Toon Link, Luigi, Kirby, and Bowser.

    What is your opinion on the new SSB game coming?
    Don't really know enough to have a good opinion. I'm pretty sure it'll be awesome though.

    Which characters would you like to see in SSB4?
    Hm... That's a toughie. Tails is someone I would love to see. Although I doubt it'll happen, it would be AMAZING to see Giygas (Mother 1 and 2) in the next game in some way. Oh, Bower Jr. too. That would be sweet. WAIT!!!! Hold the presses. Geno. 'Nuff said.

    What new series or new character from recent years would you like to see?
    There's really only one I can think of, and that's Midna.
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